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Sunday, June 16, 2013
Bands I've Seen in Concert
Bands I've Seen in Concert

1. Accept
2. AC/DC
3. AC/D-She
4. Adam Ant
5. Aerosmith (3)
6. Allman Brothers
7. All Mighty Senators
8. American Hi Fi
9. B-52s
10. Bad Company
11. Bad Religion
12. Bellamy Brothers
13. Benetar, Pat (2)
14. Berlin (2)
15. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
16. Black, Frank
17. Blackhawk
18. Black Sabbath
19. Blue Oyster Cult (3)
20. Boingo (3)
21. Bon Jovi (2)
22. Bowling For Soup (2)
23. Brown, James
24. Cake (5)
25. Candlebox
26. The Cars
27. Cash, Johnny
28. Cheap Trick (5)
29. Chris Robinson Brotherhood
30. Concrete Blonde (4)
31. Crash Test Dummies
32. The Cure
33. Damn Yankees
34. Default
35. Def Leppard (2)
36. Denver, John
37. Depeche Mode
38. Dink
39. Dio
40. Disco Pimps
41. Dixie Chicks
42. Dokken (2)
43. Doors 21st Century
44. Dragons
45. Dr. Hook
46. Eagles
47. Etheridge, Melissa
48. Face to Face
49. The Fixx
50. Flogging Molly
51. Foreigner
52. Garbage
53. Goo Goo Dolls
54. Great White (2)
55. Guns n Roses
56. Haggard, Merle (2)
57. Halford, Rob
58. Harvey, PJ
59. Hill, Faith
60. The Hives
61. Home Grown
62. Honeyslide (???)
63. Iron Maiden (3)
64. Jackson, Alan (2)
65. Joan Jett
66. Joel, Billy
67. John, Elton
68. Johnson,Carolyn Dawn
69. Journey
70. Judas Priest
71. The Judds
72. Kansas
73. Keith, Toby (3)
74. Kid Rock
75. Kiss
76. LA Guns (2)
77. Lewis, Huey
78. Lillian Axe
79. Lords of Acid
80. Loverboy
81. Lynchmob
82. Lynne, Shelby
83. Lynrd Skynrd
84. Manmade God
85. Matchbox 20
86. McCann, Lila
87. McEntire, Reba
88. McGraw, Tim
89. Megadeath
90. Metallica
91. Miller, Steve
92. Missing Persons
93. Moonwash
94. Morisette, Alanis
95. Motley Crue (7)

MTV Video Music Awards:
96. Backstreet Boys
97. Beastie Boys
98. Brandy & Monica
99. Brian Setzer Orchestra
100. Dave Matthews band
101. Hole
102. Madonna
103. Marilyn Manson

104. Murmurs
105. Nelson, Ricky
106. Nickelback
107. Nirvana
108. No Sugar (?)
109. Nugent, Ted
110. Offspring (2)
111. O’neal, Jamie
112. Ozomatli
113. Ozzy Osborne
114. Pat Benetar
115. Paisley, Brad (2)
116. Pepper
117. Petty, Tom
118. Pink
119. Poe
120. Poison (4)
121. The Police
122. Prieboy, Andy (3)
123. Prince (this doesn't really count as it was a simulcast)
124. Queensryche (2)
125. Rascal Flatts
126. Ratt (5)
127. Reel Big Fish (2)
128. Relish
129. R.E.M.
130. REO Speedwagon (2)
131. Riddlin Kids
132. Rocket From / Crypt
133. Rolling Stones
134. Rush
135. Save Ferris
136. Saxon
137. Scorpions
138. Sex Pistols
139. Skatalites
140 Soul Asylum (3)
141. Spin Doctors (2)
142. Sprung Monkey
143. Stone, Doug (2)
144. Stone Temple Pilots
145. Strait, George
146. Stryper
147. Styx (5)
148. Subatomic
149. Sugarcult
150. Texas Tornados
151. TheyMightBeGiants
152. Thompson Twins
153. Toy Fox (2)
154. Tool
155. Train
156. Trip the Spring (??)
157. Tritt, Travis
158. Tsar
159. U2
160. Unwritten Law
161. Van Halen
162. Vassar, Phil
163. Violent Femmes
164. Village People
165. Wakefield, Dave
166. Warrant
167. Wasp (2)
168. Weird Al Yankovich (2)
169. Whitesnake
170. Womack, Leann
171. Wright, Chely
172. XNO (2)
173. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
174. Yellowcard
175. Zombie, Rob

Additions and ones I forgot are going here because I am NOT re-numbering again!

176. Dead Man's Party
177. Hargo
178. Nightranger
179. Foghat
180. 311
181. Stephen Pearcy
182. Billy Idol
183. Which Ones Pink
184. Ledzepagain
185. Jill Sobule
186. Beachwood Sparks
187. Howlin' Rain

Thursday, July 03, 2003
A Brief History of Jenn

September 22, 1968, I was born while the moon changed a little early that year making me a Libra, rather than a Virgo (although, I have a few Virgo tendencies, so WATCH OUT!)

Grew up in the Inland Empire of Southern California (pretty much where Orange, Riverside, LA & San Bernardino Counties converge upon each other) in your average dysfunctional family, with the exception that even as freaky as my family is, there was never a lack of love and affection. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the wonderful family I do.

In elementary school, I was a straight A student. I was in MGM and thought I was just the smartest thing to hit the world. I played soccer and went to Campfire Girls summer camp every summer in the San Bernardino Mountains. My family spent vacations at the beach or on my uncle’s farm in the desert. I had a childhood that was exceptional. Don’t hate me; it didn’t keep me from being screwed up.

High school brought me to the world of stupid choices: abusive boyfriend, trying drugs, smoking, and letting my grades fall to Bs (and maybe some Cs!) because pretty much, school was boring. My parents were not making it anymore, but decided to stay together until my brother was 18. This didn’t make things any better and dealing with your parents dating and sleeping with other people while they’re still married is pretty rough on a teenager. I guess I have some issues with sex and fidelity. It’s been a little rough, but I’ve sorted through my life and I’m good now. I’ve dealt and moved on.

But, it was the 80’s! I was a little confused as to who I was because there were so many options in the 80’s and I’ve always liked everything… there really wasn’t an everything category, though. I dallied in the Punk crowd, enjoyed New Wave, but finally found my home in the Heavy Metal clique. Oh, I still listed to ALL music, but my group was the girls in the leather mini-skirts, with teased hair, black eyeliner and 4” heels. I was damned cool! My two best friends were Sandee & Jeana. I was the huge Motley Crue fan, Sandee was Def Leppard’s biggest fan and Jeana was totally in love with Ozzy (okay, now I realize how bizarre that really is). It was a hell of a time and it was fun!

I dealt with some anger management issues in my late teens. My father had anger management issues that could erupt into violence and I found myself following in his footsteps. I had to learn to control the rage that could take over my whole being and luckily for me I was a reasonable person who had lived on the other end of this type of behavior my whole life. It was a challenge, and it will always be something I struggle with, but I have learned to control my anger (for the most part!) and I can deal with stress and problems in a rational manner (almost always). And, I NEVER USE VIOLENCE… although I have been known to kick a file cabinet or door every once in a while. But really, I’m okay now. Really. heh

Exit high school: no way can I waste time going to college when there is MONEY TO BE MADE! I foolishly decided to skip college so that I could jump right into working. It was a decision that I now have to pay for, but that’s okay. I’m lucky and have a great job with great benefits and the taxpayers pay for it all! YEA!

At 23 I married my high school sweetheart of 7 years (no not the abuser, the pretty good one that came next), we bought a house in the mountains and a jeep to go with it and I thought we were on our way to “happily ever after” until he said to me one night: “Jennifer, you know I love you… I’m just not all romantically IN LOVE with you.” I packed my bags and said hasta to his open mouthed confusion. I believe the last thing he said to me as I walked out the door that night was “Fine! And take your Nine Inch Nails with you!” heh It was an amicable divorce, though and we still keep in touch. Hey, I’ve known the guy since I was 7, what do you expect?!?

I went almost from one man’s home to another’s as in my “free at last” party mode, I met and quickly hooked up with my next guy. That was four years of my life that while in some ways I’m sorry were wasted, I’m wiser and happier and WHO I AM because of and will never regret. You can read that crazy story here! This was the time in my life when I went back to school and started planning for my future a little more. I didn’t get my degree or anything, but at least I’m that much closer for when I can ever find the time to go back again!

After the end of that relationship, I was 30 and I took THE BIG TRIP. You can read a little about that in the ABOUT ME/Travel section. The greatest adventure I’ve had so far. If my website hadn’t been deleted by Yahoo!/Geocities, I’d point you to the photojournal of it, but alas… what can you expect for a free website.

I spent four years as a single woman, doing exactly as I pleased and it was great, but there was some loneliness. I had good times and went through some difficult times and in the end, I focused on my future and what I wanted for myself. I started making plans and setting goals, so of course, a man came along.

I’ve known Mr. San Diego since the summer I left my husband. He was on the periphery of my group of friends and over the years as my friend group shifted, we became friendlier and friendlier until one day we both knew there was an attraction there. We had some hurdles to overcome, but we finally decided to give it a try and it’s been wonderful ever since. I uprooted my world and moved into his. It definitely made me make some changes, but he’s worth it and I have never felt so loved. We’ll be married on May 22, 2004 in San Diego, CA. This year’s big challenge is the trying to find the perfect home to purchase. That is a never-ending ordeal, or at least it feels like one! This year we worked pretty hard to find our "dream home" to buy. Well, we found it. I wouldn't exactly call it our "Dream Home", but we like to remind ourselves taht it "has potential"! It's a fixer-upper and we're okay with that, it just took a little getting used to.

We were married on May 22, 2004, just 8 months after purcahsing our little fixer-upper on a half acre. We have lots to keep us busy in the house and we have a great time traveling and having fun together. I don't know what the future brings, but I do know that it will be better for having Mr. San Diego be a part of it.

Like It

Mr. San Diego, being right, my niece & nephew, family, walks in the rain, beer (especially Heineken, St. Pauli Girl, Sierra Nevada, Bass, Corona, etc...), cooking, eating, Survivor, Dr. Pepper, fun people, Del Scorcho sauce, mom's tacos, jet skiing, travel, elephants, yellow, Jimmie Johnson, Aquafina water, concerts, pinball, kayaking, pizza, photography, parties, being the center of attention, reading, National Parks & Monuments, movies, chips and salsa (particularly MY homemade salsa!), sex, winning prizes, free stuff, adventure, cookbooks, The Simpson's, 80's music ~ hell, the 80's in general, silly/cheesy time-waster computer games, Warner's Pure Electricity bra & panty sets, sleeping, amusement parks, daffodils, Dr. Seuss, Jack-in-the-Box antenna balls, Sark, Renaissance Faire, Vegas, Poker, the beach, House of Blues-Sunset Blvd, Doc Martens, Motley Crue, Baker's habanero ketchup, bright colors and blogging
Don't Like It

Negative people, high humidity & temperatures over 100 degrees, root beer, having to work, peas, Wal-Mart/Sam's Club, Dale Earnhardt Jr, liars and/or sneaky people, living so far from my brother & his family, stopping for gas, cleaning house, waiting in airports, planning a wedding, trying to find/buy a home, foreheads, being wrong, watching sports on TV (except Nascar), styling my hair, dirty public restrooms, male lions, baseball, waiting in lines, teddy bears, flying, Paying for Parking, pets, that time of the month, car repairs, judgemental people, people who think they are better than others, piercings, typing, talking on the phone (most of the time), people who call but have nothing to say and expect you to carry on the conversation, tequila, that entertainers make beacoup bucks~particularly in comparison to people like teachers and firefighters, washing dishes, exercise (unless it's in the form of swimming, or hiking, or something that has more purpose than JUST working out), religious organizations forcing their beliefs on the masses, slow metabolisms, birds, math, failing, and perfume

Color: I can never decide. Probably yellow. Or Red.
Movie: Armageddon/A Knight's Tale/Pretty Woman/etc
TV Show: Six Feet Under, Sex and the City. Survivor & The OC
Musical: Sunset Blvd
Word: Loquacious
Number: Eight Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty-Two
Game: Poker or Scrabble, but lots others, too!
Band: WAY TOO HARD. If I pick 5: Motley Crue, Honeyslide, Cheap Trick, Cake, Toby Keith (at least today... tomorrow it would probably be different)
>>Also: The Eagles, Matchbox 20, Poison, Boingo, & Bowie (PARTICULARLY IN THE 70S!)
Restaurant: hmmm... Isabella's Italian is definitely one of 'em. I really like TGI Fridays. after a recent dining experience at Blue Point in San Diego... well, that's pretty close. Okay, I guess I can't have a true favorite, but some of the MOST amazing meals I've ever eaten was at Kemo Sabe in Hillcrest or Indigo Grill in Little Italy (San Diego). GO THERE. They're incredible! They're both part of a group of restaurants called the Cohn Restaurant group that are the MOST AMAZING AND WONDERFUL RESTAURANTS I HAVE EVER EATEN AT! I also like Outback a lot for your everyday regular steak dinner.
Food: Bagels & Cream Cheese w/lox OR tacos! OR chips n' salsa... PIZZA!!! With Pepperoni and Pineapple and Jalapenos!!! (Actually, I like too many things).
Drink: mmmm...Beer AND Pina Coladas AND Diet Coke
Magazine: Frommer's Budget Travel & Intermezzo
Author: David Morrell, Neil Gaiman, Dean Koontz, Jonathan Kellerman, Sue Grafton, Michael Connelly, Richard Bach, etc NEW: Janet Evanovich & how did I leave off Lawrence Block?
Books: So many, so many... I loved The Red Tent, The Bonfire of the Vanities, All True Tales of Lidie Newton, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lightning, One, Beach Music, The Forest Lover, there are so many. I also enjoy "serial" books, like the Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich stuff. I just love stories, what can I say?
I'm a Travel Junkie

~37 states visited: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

~9 countries: The US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, & Peru.

~Favorite vacation: 8-week road trip across the US when I was 30. Just me, my car & a whole country waiting for me to see… well, and the world’s second largest ball of twine, the world’s largest catsup bottle, the geographical center of the contiguous United States, Lila’s hair museum, and well, you get the picture.

Starting in Southern California, I went North, then East, then South, then West. I made a big circle around the US and it was GRAND. I'd love to do something similar again... I'm thinking of flying to Chicago and working my way back on Route 66.

~Best travel partner: Mr. San Diego, hands down, with my mom as a very close second. My dad is pretty fun to hang with, as well.

~Worst travel partner: My most recent previous boyfriend.

~Where I want to go: EVERYWHERE. Specifically? Africa, Jamaica, Alaska, Belize, Bahamas, Rio, Australia, Amsterdam, Spain, Greece, San Francisco, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, etc.

~Next trip: Our next trip is a road trip to San Francisco, stopping along the way to see the sites and some National Parks in May '05. I REALLY want to go to either Amsterdam or Belize, but that will be next year. Outside of that stuff, we have the general weekend trips to Vegas, Disneyland, camping at Doheny, San Jose, and a week in San Diego for my birthday. I KNOW I live in San Diego, but I am taking a week off to explore the tourist crap with my mommy!

~Last trip:

Visited my brother and his family in North Carolina for ashort week in October '04. Went to Carowinds Amusement Park and Hendricks Motorsports in Charlotte, besides tooling around Fayetteville where they live.

Road trip through Arizona for a week on our honeymoon in 2004. We saw 8 National Parks and Monuments, camped out half of the time, went to the Titan Missile Museum, stayed in the Shady Dell Trailer Park and in general, had a blast together.

Before that: Rosarito Beach, Mexico in August 2003 for a week. I go to Rosarito Beach ALMOST every summer for a week of R&R. It’s almost free and I just read and drink a lot of beer while I’m there.

Hawaii in May 2003. Oahu, Maui, & Hawaii w/Mr. San Diego for 10 days. And even BEFORE that, Peru in October 2002.
100 MORE Things???

So, I thought... I've already written a TON about me, why do the "100 Things All About Me" that is popular on blogs. Well, simple. How about a challenge to find 100 things that I haven't ALREADY written above! Hmph... get ready. (or hit the back button... whatever)

1. I like staying up late & getting up late.
2. I rarely get the luxury of those two things anymore.
3. I believe that WalMart IS the Antichrist.
4. I do not have a home telephone, instead I use only a cellular telephone. We actually DID get a home telephone with our cable package at the new house, but there is not an actual TELEPHONE plugged into the jack!
5. I love Cherry Icees.
6. Sometimes when I get drunk, I sort of flash people.
7. I have one younger brother, who is married with children.
8. I've milked goats.
9. I do not eat things that have tentacles.
10. I used to collect "moons" until everyone started buying me a bunch of cheesy ones.
11. I used to collect elephants until everyone started buying me a bunch of cheesy ones.
12. Now I collect diamonds and $100 bills.
13. I love my Magic Eight Ball.
14. I used to have a Honda XR200 motorcycle. *SIGH* It was fun.
15. I keep a broom at my desk at work... there are many stories as to it's use.
16. I started Blogging in January of 2002.
17. When I was 4, I saw my uncle shoot himself in the head with a shotgun in my backyard.
18. When I was 14, my closest cousin died of auto-erotic asphyxiation.
19. I didn't know the cause until 4 years later after reading a Kellerman book dealing with that activity.
20. I've had two other people in my life attempt suicide. One of them was successful.
21. I keep entering sweepstakes hoping to win something big.
22. Years ago when I entered sweepstakes I won: A sweatshirt from the Discovery Channel, a Barbie outfit, assorted cassette tapes, a pair of yellow jogging shorts, a sport watch, and some other miscellaneous junk.
23. For some reason, I really love Heather Locklear. If I can look like that at her age... oh wait, she looks better than me NOW!
24. I have been to the Bridge to Nowhere. Repeatedly.
25. I have read all of the Tom Brown Jr. Tracker books.
>>26. I was once on a jury for 4 months ~ capital murder. I was only an alternate and did not get to participate in the deliberations WHICH SUCKED! He was sentenced to death and I totally agreed.
27. I bite my nails. I want to stop, really. I just don't see that ever happening.
28. I have one of the messiest desks in my office.
29. I know where everything on my desk is.
30. I only like to drink coffee at night. I prefer it to have some Bailey's in it.
31. I used to be in a pinball league... some of you already know that.
32. I now have both a secretary and an assistant... and I'm just an admin assistant. Tell me I'm not clever.
33. I proposed to Mr. San Diego on Valentine's Day 2003.
34. I fell down a cliff south of Cancun in 1995 and ripped open my leg.
35. I have a pretty scar from that experience... pretty BIG.
36. I'm pretty sure there is a diamond earring in that ravine I fell into.
37. I collect 14k gold charms from places I visit or to represent things in my life.
38. I love getting smashed pennies from places I go. Mr. San Diego just bought me a "passport" to keep them in now. YEA!
39. I don't have many "girlfriends". Three, I think... or something like that.
40. The only thing that I cook by measuring is gravy... if you don't measure, you will be sorry!
41. I am totally afraid of vampires. I know it's irrational, but I can't help it.
42. I only work about 20% of the time I spendI work my ASS off at my job these days.
43. That bothers the hell out of me, but I can't seem to get motivated anymore. I love keeping busy, but the stress gets to me sometimes.
44. I drive 85 80 miles one way to work... yup, that's a round trip of 170 160 miles.
45. I buy gas ALMOST every other day.
46. I drive a blue Saturn SC2.
47. Before I hooked up with Mr. San Diego, I had planned to get a Mazda Miata.
48. I could totally drive a Porsche or a Big Chevy Truck if money were no object.
49. I wear glasses.
50. I love neon. I have a pink neon moon... it's one of my favorite possesions.
51. I own four cameras: A very nice (and really big) Minolta Maxxum 7000 35mm, a new little Olympus 35mm, a Sony Mavica Digital camera and a Polaroid.
52. I like to celebrate my birthday throughout the whole month of September. Gifts are ALWAYS welcome.
53. I am an eBay junkie... I've slowed down, but still buy stuff. I prefer selling, but if I don't have anything to sell, then I just buy!
54. I'm sort of boring, I like VANILLA ice cream. I'll eat chocolate, though.
55. The best finish I've ever had in a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament is 2nd. I dream of being first. Of course, I would have to start playing again if I ever want to do that!
56. At work I to refer to myself as "The Cleaner". You know, like in Pulp Fiction? If there's a problem, I fix it.
57. I have at least 20 over 30 pairs 40 pairs of Doc Martens.
58. I'm very impatient.
59. I'm a control freak.
60. I can't understand why people don't do things the way I would do it.
61. I'm trying really hard to stop having such high expectations of everyone.
62. I want to make this chocolate cake that was on the cover of Bon Appetit a few months back. It had stars on it. I can do it... I just need some cake pans.
63. I love trivia.
64. I enjoy history and would love to study it more.
65. I wear a size 7 shoe (or a 4UK). I have a lot of shoes.
66. I'm shy around strangers.
67. Until you give me a few beers.
68. For some reason, if you hand me a water gun, I end up with a headband on and I think I'm Rambette.
69. I'll lie to save someone's feelings.
70. I am extremely close to my mom, dad, brother & even my extended family.
71. I love winter because it's crisp and cold and there are usually twinkly lights.
72. I love spring because you can smell the orange blossoms.
73. I love summer because the sun comes out and it's time for the water sports.
74. I love fall because the weather becomes cool enough for hikes and bike rides.
75. I am NOT a morning person. But, I'm adapting.
76. I sing in my car and I can really belt them out... when I'm alone.
77. I really like PEZ dispensers. People can (and do!) buy me all the cheesy ones of those that they like!
78. I play the California Lottery - $5 twice per week, EVERY week at work as part of a group these days.
79. The most I've won in the California Lottery is $67 a couple of months ago.
80. I was ecstatic when they came out with "stay on" lipstick... You all can keep your Mac, I'll take Max Factor's Lipfinity or Cover Girl's Outlast ANY DAY!
81. If I could only pick one item of make-up to wear, it would be lipstick. It used to be mascara. Sometimes it's a toss up.
82. I would totally dig going on Survivor except for the eating gross stuff... can't do it.
83. Poor grammar annoys me, even though I use slang and poor grammar all of the time. But, I'm usually doing it intentionally... it's different.
84. In business writing, using "phone" instead of "telephone" bugs the crap out of me.
85. I love solving puzzles. Even a messy check register can be a puzzle to me.
86. I get six weeks per year vacation. Who could leave this job???
87. I hate when people say AXE instead of ASK.
88. Sometimes, if I see a beautiful sunset, I'll stop driving, pull over, and watch it.
89. I had planned on having a child. It was going to be a girl. We called her Charlie when we talked about her. How bizarre was talking about a non-existent (never to exist) unborn girl child?
90. My best seat at a concert was front row-center for Motley Crue at Blockbuster Pavilion in 2000. It was awesome.
91. If I could pick a size, I think I'd like to wear a size 6.
92. I have REALLY been wanting to play croquet.
>>93. I am good at: cooking, scrapbooking, poker playing, supervising, taking notes, photography, setting clocks on VCRs.
94. My Renaissance Faire costume is valued at well over $1000 and I only dress as a peasant!
95. I never leave home without a bottle opener... except when I went to Hawaii. Oops.
96. Life would be easier if it was understood that it IS, in fact, ALL ABOUT ME.
97. I've been in love 3 times and thought I was in love an additional 2 times.
98. I work so that I can go on vacation.
99. I am so smooshily in love that it's sort of annoying.
100. This was remarkably easy and quickly completed!
How I Make Money
(Starting now** and working back, my employment)

~Secret Shopper**
~Administrative Asst for a government program**
~Freelance advertising/printing for a Real Estate Agent
~Clerical Supervisor for above said government program
~Legal Clerk at a court house
~Amway Salesperson
~Eligibility Worker for a welfare department
~Administrative Asst/ Girl Friday for a Roofing / Roof Removal Company
~Asst Manager at a SCUBA dive store
~Accts Receivable Clerk for a roof truss manufacturer
~Liens & Releases Clerk for an asphalt/concrete supplier
~Telephone Solicitor for a local newspaper
~Self employed ~ new home construction clean-up/finish work
~Administrative Asst for a paving contractor
~Salesperson/Cashier at Miller’s Outpost
~Cashier/Cook/Bookkeeper/Etc at GEMCO Snack Bar (anyone remember GEMCO?)

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